Who has been to Alabama? I hope it looks as fabulous as Jenni’s photographs make it look! Alabama is up on the blog this week. Here’s what Jenni has to say:

Hello! My name is Jenni McCarty and my home is Madison, Alabama

Jenni M - Alabama
Jenni McCarty, Alabama.

I am a Lifestyle Family Photographer here in North Alabama and I love how much of the year I can use the outdoors for my backdrop. The Winter is mostly mild (although we don’t get much snow so it is pretty “brown”). The Spring is lush and bright with wild flowers, trees with buds and the temperature is simply perfect. The Summer months are HOT but I really only find that June and July provide extra challenges such as extra editing for “dewy” completions if you get what I mean. lol. Fall… Yum! I love the Autumn colors. We get gorgeous variation here and the hues are simply gorgeous and I make good use of the 2 months God gives me with the painted landscape.

I get the most yummy light around sunset as long as I am in a spot with a good horizon. So much of this area has lots of established trees (beautiful trees) but they block the sun and can make getting good golden light difficult. On the flip side, we have so many trees that it isn’t too difficult to find a heavily shaded spot if I am forced to schedule a shoot during a less than ideal time of the day.

I moved to Madison Alabama from Kodiak Alaska about 5 years ago with my husband, 2 kids and a business degree. Fast forward a bit and we have added 2 more kids along with a photography business! We love the family oriented community here in North Alabama and the decision to home school our kids has allowed for lots of exploring and “field trips” with my camera.

I have been “shooting” since I was 18 but much of my personal “style” has been fostered by the Alabama landscape. The outdoors are so unique and a beautiful. Because we live so far North we have a lovely blend of Alabama and Tennessee that gives lots of variety. Rolling hills with lots of trees, wide open spaces with farm land, old houses mixed with new, lakes, streams, LOTS of trees and a “mountain” here and there. I am constantly trying to figure out how to incorporate the beauty of the outdoors with the authenticity of the families I photograph. It is a wonderful challenge that I am continually working on perfecting.

The other major influence to my style has simply been my life as a wife and mom to 4 extremely different children. They are after all, what started my crazy obsession and fascination with capturing intangible things and making them tangible. Every day moments are among the most precious memories I have, and photographs remind me of those gorgeous moments of time gone by. They are priceless.

Photography has been a gift in so many ways. Having a creative outlet is the most obvious but at some point along the way something clicked and I can honestly say that there are times when I see something and I swear it just looks… well… magical. There is no other way to describe it. To actually see the light. To see the moments. To know what it will be in print. It has filled my life with extra ribbons of silver linings in this crazy season of life with 4 little ones.






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